My open letter to black people

“In the final analysis, a race or species is not judged superior or inferior by its
accomplishments, but by its will and ability to survive.” – David Lane 

First off, By the standards of most in this particular period of time we live in, I am a “Racist”. I am unapologetically a white separatist, However, I don’t hate black people. And believe me, If I did hate you, I wouldn’t be afraid to just say “Hey, I hate you”.

Believe it or not, In many ways black people have more common sense than white people. My time in prison showed me this, And my travels have shown me this. Everywhere I go I see black people standing up for their own interests, Which is healthy and natural. Now, Granted, its very ironic how much they stand up for their own interests in contrast to how much they shoot each other over petty things, But it is still very admirable that they are adhering to natural law and caring about their own.

Every race should be concerned for its well being, In this respect, Black people have their shit together by a degree of magnitudes compared to white people. David Lane said, That in the final analysis, a race is judged not by its accomplishments, But its ability to survive. Well, If you look at global population statistics, Black people have the right idea on survival. Sure, You can argue their infrastructure sucks, And you can argue that they are benefited immeasurably by the collective genius of whites and Asians, but the fact of the matter is black people are advocating for their own interests, And demographically and economically speaking, Whites are committing suicide for blacks.

Black people- While you will never get me to agree with committing demographic suicide on the alter of raising your standards of living, I must say, You have effectively exploited the weakness of whites- The one weakness that might just lead to our undoing; Our desire to be kind and help the world, And think in abstractions.

The problem is, You are poking a sleeping giant with a stick; You are making a situation that could be a peaceful awakening of European consciousness into a war- A war that you will not win, A war that will lead to death and destruction of all that you have accomplished through your relations with us- And don’t kid yourselves, A lot of your accomplishments were made possible by a working relationship with us.

Instead of a peaceful coexistence with whites where we live in peace, You have declared war on our culture, And imposed your terminology “Racist”, As a method of imposing cultural marxist ideology on us. History is not on your side if you keep provoking whitey.

I do not hate you, I do not wish harm upon you, I actually wish for your success- Which is why I am urging you to let white people be proud, Let white people keep their culture, And do not try to make us into something we are not. Do not attempt to intimidate us into changing who we are, Because your attempt to dominate us, All political correctness aside, Will ultimately result in your annihilation.

A constructive, Meaningful, Relationship will exist between the black race and the white race when the community leaders of the black race realize white peoples desire to preserve their culture. You cannot dominate us with overt violence, And are quite frankly in no position to make threats. The right wing is silently conducting paramilitary training in the woods and getting bigger and stronger every year, Anticipating you making a dumb move. The white races vanguard has an itchy trigger finger. And as much as I do not want anything bad to happen to you- You know where I stand if there is a race war.

Someone on urban dictionary started calling me “One Man Klan”, And it is kinda strange that there is even an urban dictionary entry for me, Considering only celebrities are supposed to get entries made on them per the sites policy. Am I a celebrity?

I’d be lying if I didn’t get a kick out of being called “One Man Klan” Jereb. I guess even my detractors look at me as this invincible body-armor wearing Klansman Hahaha!

Stay safe out there, Folks. And remember- Race matters.


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