White Nationalist millennial advice

I was born in ’95. Here is my advice to other millennials:

Don’t go into the movement thinking you know everything.

Unless you have proof of your credentials, Shut the fuck about about them.   

Before I start criticizing my fellow millennials,  Lets go over my credentials as a community organizer and where I get my technical skills from:

When I was not even a teenager, Since ’07, I used Newgrounds.com and did claymations and shit like that. I still use Newgrounds to this day. I helped run a website called Didly12.net and a shit ton of other websites. Yes, I am a high functioning autist. I admit it.

The real journey into being part of community organizing, when I was like 12 years old I was involved in “The Tallahassee Regulators”. This was a big deal for like 2 weeks. I helped run websites and “/i/ invasion” to cause havoc here locally. It could have been classified as “Left wing activism”, But it was really just folks from all walks of life that wanted to cause chaos and wrap some thin agenda around it.

I was in a predominately white, But non-racial gang as a young teenager (We will go into that more in the future). I was incarcerated in a juvenile program for 10 months furthering the aims of that organization as a teenager. The organization I was in loved rap music acting stupid just like all the other typical gangs, But it was for the most part, White guys, And had a little bit of redneck/white guy twist to it. There was “Nerds” like myself that had a place in it, Camo was considered cool (Check out the 5.11 tactical multicam backpack by the way haha).

I am honestly ashamed of who I was then, But will not run from it. It is who I was then, And I learned many of the skills then that I use now.


I was the weirdo learning these skillsets as a teenager. And when I fucked up royally, I got arrested. After I got out of the youth program I went to, I was determined to “Turn my life around”, Which, If you ask me, I did. I never committed a crime in which there was real criminal intent ever again. That didn’t stop me from getting arrested and going to prison, But you simply cannot put me in the same boat as the criminal that carhops to get money for crack. I am a totally different type of criminal now than when I was a teenager. I am a criminal because society has made being a real man a crime. I was a criminal when I was a teenager because I ran around doing illegal shit to make money.

Before I joined ROF, And after I was in the or189224_108142889344335_678767955_nganization that I would rather not name.  I was in a “Club” called the Southern Liberators Party, A club I was a major organizer in, Which ultimately is how I would learn about ROF. Ambitions for the SLP were huge. It was going to have its own red white blue and black patch, And it was by golly going to be the biggest pro-white group ever! But it turned out to be a bonfire drinking organization full of unorganized hooligans, With no structure and no rules. It imploded into nothing very quietly. There are still SLP in Texas to this day, However. Jerebbadass

SLP was the redneck version of the “Alt right” Most of its activity was online or at drunken bonfires.

Now the story picks up- The story most of you have heard, The part about me rising through the ranks of the ROF, Going to prison etc. I wont go into it that much because It will be covered more elsewhere and a quick google search of Jordan Jereb will show you a lot.


If your story is as interesting is mine and you have proof, Then prove it. Otherwise, Keep your stories about your credentials to yourself. Because when I joined ROF, I didn’t EVER talk about what I did as a teenager, The LAST thing I wanted Nicholas Jordan to know is that I was in a drug pushing degenerate gang as a younger teenager. Even now, I do not claim to know everything. But I know a thing or 2. And when you first get started attending ROF meetings or doing some other type of pro-white activism and you tell me what I affectionately call “Ninja stories”, I will start looking at you as a child.

I can tell if you are experienced, And worthy of formal/informal promotion, based on your actions; The skill in which you perform them. Actions speak louder than words. Even my story would be meaningless If I did not have the actions to back my words.

TL;DR- I have lots of experience being the center of attention, Running websites, Community organizing. I have been taught by others older and wiser than me to make websites, Edit youtube videos, Organize people and profits, Etc.

Now for the advice:

If your ready to do it correctly, Build  your own organizations. 

ROF is a Floridian youth brigade for conservative values. Its no secret that its post 1990’s incarnation is based off league of the south. Millennials need to elect leaders on the basis of those who have made personal sacrifice, Not on the basis of who is more “Popular” A spokesperson and a leader are not the same thing.

I word of caution- Making a facebook page with a few posts and some microsoft paint graphics does not constitute a legitimate white nationalist organization, And having a small group should not get to your head.

Have loyalty toward your cause, And your comrades. 

People vote with their feet, And people that waste peoples time and are dishonest deserve to be bitch slapped, and the parents who raised them deserve to be bitch slapped.

If you are of lower rank Know your place, Know your leader is probably a leader for a valid reason, And that if you question his authority for the sake of winning a little popularity contest, Or because of your own little identity crisis, That you just make yourself look like a punk. Questioning your leader is valid as long as your doing it for a real reason and not to be a jackass. Esp if done in private 1 on 1 conversations.

If you are higher rank– Know that millennials, Particularly the ones you recruit off the street, are usually of poor moral character. There are exceptions to every rule, But this is just reality. I stress the fact that people vote with their feet. They also vote with their actions. If they dress like a trendy, They are probably a trendy. You have people that genuinely can act as spies for your cause that blend into society, But most people who claim they are doing that are actually just appealing to the highest bidder. These people will loose the game of life in about 10 years or so- You can accelerate this process by not giving them your time once  you identify them. You WILL run into these types. Its inevitable.

Grow a pair of balls.

Stop being intimidated. Stop removing your youtube videos, Stop letting your family influence your life decisions, Esp if you are a grown man. Stop dating feminist cunts; If you know ahead of time that the girl your dating is a feminist cunt who wouldn’t like whatever organization your a part of- Why bother? Are you just hell bent on having mixed kids and being a slave to a bitchy feminist wife?

Flyers, Banners, Uniforms, Flags, Vehicles, Meeting points,

Nothing shows “We have our own shit together and can wipe our own asses” Like professionally made flyers, Banners, etc. If your local organization looks like its a bunch of kids that cant stick up for their own interests, It will be treated as such. EVEN IF your organization does look like a bunch of “kids”, at least look like you know what they hell you are doing as far as appearing professional.




Lets build our own websites. 

If you are a millennial who grew up in an urban area and don’t have the technical know how to at least figure out how to build a website, Your pathetic in should never ever be in a leadership position. If you cannot build it yourself, You should find someone who does and pull your resources together to make it happen. A good website can be made on a 100$ budget, But it can be even less than that. Thousands of other blogs out there exist on building websites, So I wont go into the specifics all to much. WordPress makes it very easy, And usually if you PAY for one of their plans they will uphold free speech 110%.

Stop getting addicted to shit you cant afford. 

If you cannot even afford to feed yourself than how the fuck are you addicted to cigarettes?


Quit doing drugs. Drugs are for degenerates who are unable to handle life, So need chemicals to alter their minds to escape reality. Drug dealers are pushers of poison, If I could legally do so, I would pump them full of 7.62×39 


Lets organize our own music. 

Bring out the moonman. 

“But Jereb, Isn’t moonman satire?”. It depends on who is producing it. I can say that the majority of the new moonman stuff I hear literally has “1488” In it, Talks of a white ethnostate, And encourages use of third party blockchain social networks, And promotes richard spencer. If this was ever a /b/ meme, Its not anymore. Its a /pol/ meme now.

“But Jereb, White nationalist rap is a dumb idea.”

The slavic nationalists, You know, The ones with last names like “Jereb”, Beg to differ. We will go into my last name and my ancestry in a future post, It will actually surprise you. Its not a Jewish name, And if you say that its a Jewish name to my face there is a 50% I’ll risk jail time to correct your disrespect.

I wish “Woodpile” could be considered white nationalist rap, But they aren’t even white separatist. I’m not even 100% that they aren’t race mixers, But I’m not a rumor monger, This is just speculation. 14 Words and 88 precepts. Anything other than that coming from a music scene needs to be looked at critically.


If you take one things from this blog entry- its that actions speak louder than words and that you need to show with your actions that you are a nationalist.


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