Rise Of The Sunshine Nation (Full Book)

Rise Of The Sunshine Nation

A handbook for Secessionists/Nationalists/Fascists, For succeeding with activism and avoiding common pitfalls.

By Jordan Jereb

No money is to be made of this book. If you payed for a copy of this book other than the money in which that would be required for the expenses required to print it, (No more than a few bucks, 50 cents or so if printed from a home printer) Then you were lied to and cheated.

This book is available free online at JordanJereb.com , RepublicOfFlorida.com , And any other website that wishes to host it. If you catch plagiarism of this material, Do whatever you feel is necessary to correct the problem weighing all the circumstances as necessary. May Odin and Natural Law guide you.



Chapter 1

The newest form of asymmetrical battle.

They have no argument, They don’t need one.

Beautiful young ladies = Weapons grade uranium.

Chapter 2:

Our relationship with law enforcement/Local Authorities

Our Relationship with the state.

Our relationship with non whites.

Chapter 3:

How we will win.

Are you worse than a liberal?

Jereb’s Strategies

Final Words

This book is dedicate to those of our past, present, and future who discover(ed) through “Open Mindedness” That there are universal truths, and that moral relativism and equality is a lie.


Before we begin, It is important you understand the purpose of this book. This books primary purposes are as follows:

1. More effective, Larger Scale Systematic activism.

2. Less common pitfalls of activism that get repeated over and over.

3. Awareness of individuals who are cancer and a waste of time.

4. Prevention of being cancerous, and wasting peoples time, By understanding what makes a person cancerous, And not being that way.

If you are reading this book, You could have a variety intentions. You could be a White Activist of some sort, You might be a conservative reactionary who is in the process of taking the final step of “radicalization”. You could be a leftist trying to find out exactly what our tactics were- Needless to say by the time you finish reading this you will be quite frightened. You will be frightened by the paralyzing fear that the future will be radically different- Because it will, And the radical difference is the unknown, And the unknown is something we naturally fear.

Part of the reason nationalism is a feared ideology, Is because in a society that brainwashes us to hate it even though the vast majority of dumb-as-rocks “AMERIKUNS” Don’t even know what “It” is, Nationalism, Let alone Fascism, Above all else; Is an unknown to us, Especially as millennials. The baby boomers, Through their reckless extravagance, Failed to teach their kids nationalism, And their fathers before them, Who fought along side communists during the fratricidal conflict of world war 2 (The white mans world wide civil war), Were hardly in a position to interject the rise of “Rugged individualism”, Which, While “sexy” and part of the American spirit, Has overtime been reversed engineered by the cultural Marxists as meaning “Throw all responsibility to folk and family out the fucking window on the alter of your wants. Get fat and have unprotected recreational sex and be a lazy destructive pig. Don’t raise your kids properly to love themselves and their heritage, Be a good goyim.” The egalitarians cite “Free will” but what use is free will if we celebrate the “right” to do things that are just flat our morally wrong and destructive?

We cannot know entirely, Through better or worse, What the future will bring. We can however, Know the path to victory, Which is what this book is all about. This book in of itself is not victory, but the knowledge, Which I will cite sources, Which has been accumulated through hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, Will be utilized to the fullest extent. The dying light of the white race and a balanced world order based on natural law, Is sitting next to a puddle of gasoline, And in that puddle is a pile of explosives.

Chapter 1

The newest form of asymmetrical battle.

All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tzu

Were going to jump right into controversy with this first chapter. How often do we, as a people (Not just nationalists) do something we know we shouldn’t do? As something as trivial overspending, telling a white lie to our spouses, Etc? Have we done larger things that are far worse? When we do really really bad things, Are our justifications actual justifications, “The ends justify the means” type logic? Or did you do something that is wrong apologetically? Or do you simply “Not give a Fuck” and have no justification whatsoever?

There are universal truths, There are universal right and wrongs; But the reality of the situation Is that some rights surpass some wrongs. Rights, As in “Doing the right thing” Rights, Like everything in nature, have a hierarchy. It really is up to you through your own research to form an opinion on what crosses what lines, That is YOUR responsibility, And potentially beyond the scope of this book. I am not here to tell you how to live, But how to win.

All this aside, I will demand one thing of you; If you do things that are somewhat bad and questionable on a regular basis for your own self interests, Than you have no right to not do things that are somewhat bad in the name of nationalism. I will insist that you cannot go around lying cheating and stealing in your everyday life, and not implement your dirty tactics against the enemies of our struggle, And for the benefit of this cause.

Where am I going with this? Our enemies can be lied to, Deceived, Lured, And have all sorts of fucked up shit done to them, and we should not even flinch at it. A curtain of decency should distract the riffraff from witnessing the true brutal nature of this conflict, But behind the curtain… “Evil” things are happening, In the name of a greater good. But these things we call evil are not evil, Because our acts themselves are done for the right reasons.

This being said, This is not an invitation to start robbing banks and fanning the hammer on anyone that disagrees with us. It simply doesn’t work that way. There is a social order that exists that we have to work within until we have the numbers to wage actual physical asymmetrical battle. No revolutionary movement can overthrow a system without the support of the people. And right now, We do not have that support, Actually we have quite the opposite, While this debatable is set to change due to, Ironically, All the negative publicity.

Because of negative publicity, You have hoards of everyday individuals who think negatively of White Nationalists/Fascists, Whom yet have never in their life met a White Nationalist or a Fascist, But know full well what a wild feral inner city negro is. The reality is, We are depicted as fat potbellied redneck morons that are ignorantly violent (This sometimes is true, Because us being a counter culture). The reality is, That most of us are well spoken and have beliefs based on life experiences, however anecdotal, That are still very relevant to us, And that many average people can relate to. Combined with our anecdotes, which, While are considered logical fallacy by academia, are culturally relevant, We imply research- And the numbers simply do not lie.

I am not writing this book to preach to the quire, But if you don’t believe that the numbers back up our beliefs, In the event you are some liberal reading this, I encourage you took look up “The American Renaissance”, Ran by Jared Taylor, And look at some of his content.

Where am I going with this?

Our ability to relate to other people of our socioeconomic class is an imperative. It is our single greatest weapon, And instilling tribalism and racial “Class consciousness” is easy as fuck in a culture that does nothing but bitch about “Individualism” and “If it has nothing to do with me fuck everyone else.” Because these same people repeat these mindless platitudes of the freedom to be a degenerate, Esp those of the “Conservative” variety, Have the most to gain from tribalism and nationalism.

If nothing else, They are useful idiots, And if you use them, Their standards of living will increase, If you let your enemies use them instead, They will simply be being used by a group of people that cares less about them.

We must tap into the rebellious element of conservative culture and have them choose a side. This must be done heavy handedly, But they must not feel as though a gun is being pointed at their head. Politically/Socially speaking, use the carrot and the stick approach. Ridicule them just enough for their stupidity that they may start thinking critically, But compliment their belief systems just enough so that they remain on good terms with you. Show them that their beliefs may have the right framework, But that they are misguided. Then present them with the universal truths of nature, Only after you have fully indoctrinated someone can they graduate from being a “Useful idiot” to a person you look upon with respect and reverence, Because they will be able to operate with you on a level you both mutually understand. They will understand the necessity behind the actions you take. Simply put; Mutual defense aside, You fight on the front line along side people you trust, Who are in your tribal group, And 100% indoctrinated.

The war wages on in your community and on social media, And as Alinsky said in rules for radicals, “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.” “ Now, It is important to understand the difference between a lazy halfhearted person you know from school/the streets who just wants to be on your good side, The type of person who will drop the flag and run when shit gets real, Between a hardcore activist. A hardcore activist will enjoy ANY large, Coordinated, Form of activism, So long as people are getting triggered and the media is giving the cause attention.

Lets discuss the type of “activists” that are not reading this right now (Fuck them, They are stupid, its not like they will ever read this! HAHAHA). These people can be a burden if not properly utilized, In the worst case scenario they exhibit the traits of spoiled brat teenagers, Even if they are decades older. A good strategy for dealing with these feet dragging “activists” Is to simply ask them, “Well there jimbo, if you don’t want to pass out flyers, What do you suggest we do differently?” These types of people often are weighing things in their hearts, and are dealing with taming their own cowardice. The problem is, When you ask them for an alternative to whatever it is they are doing, They often will have no answer. Because the reality is they want attention, and the joined this cause because they want attention. Call them out and they will either shapen up or throw a tantrum. If they throw a tantrum,

In the event a feet dragger throws a temper tantrum and fruitlessly challenges the community organizer, You better hope you didn’t tell them any secrets or information in confidence; Which is why you really shouldn’t trust them, and again, Should work with people who are as radical as you are for any front line operations. These people are cancer, But they can be weaponized if kept at a safe distance, They are like a frag grenade- They destroy everyhing next to them, Including themselves. Under ideal circumstances you can talk them out of being a frag grenade, But like a real frag grenade, You will have absolutely no luck.

We will go into people that are cancer In the end of this book, But understand that while many skillsets for revolution and activism are available, The number one question a person should ask themselves is “Who should I REALLY trust to operate with”. Those who do not properly answer this question have suffered dearly.

Be relatable, Figure out who is on your level, Figure out who you can trust, and form a working relationship with those peoples, a great team of activists can be 3 people, a shitty team of useless activists can be 100 people. Quality over quanity is the key. If you fail to follow my advice, It could literally get you in prison. I know from experience; This is not just advice for activism, Its advice for life itself. It is applicable to who you get married to- Know who you can trust, Know who is truly on your side. Keep your inner circle small and manageable, Yet a well oiled functional machine. This will be to the benefit of everyone in the group. TEAMWORK is crucial.

They have no argument, They don’t need one.

In a world gone mad where feelings, and what we think the world should be, surpasses priority over the way things really are, We find ourselves telling the liberal egalitarian, “You have no argument” on a regular basis. Political discourse in this country is not just copy and paste talking points- Its literally memes. Engaging in debate with liberals that simply post stupid gay shit, Rainbow memes, communist bears with AK47’s, And any sort of gay autistic shit they get from who knows where. (I have aspergers syndrome, Fuck your feelings.) They bombard you with the same arguments over and over again, Arguing with them is exhausting, Esp when their arguments are poorly researched and based on false premises.

Stop arguing with them. You are wasting valuable time.

When all the liberals have to do is copy and paste stupid memes, and you engage in an argument that is well thought out and typed and researched, They are winning. They are wasting your time. They probably are not even reading your paragraphs, And even if they are, They will become yesterdays news. If a person says, For example “Republic Of Florida wants to overthrow the US government with an overtly violent insurrection”. Instead of forming a gigantic argument that they are to stupid to understand, Refer them to this book, Which is admittedly a reflection of ROF political strategy, and designed with that in mind. Your opposition will admit to be to lazy to read a fucking book, To which you reply “You have no argument”. Because, their goal is not to have an actual discussion, Their goal is to please the gods of political correctness. It is not possible that they are wrong. They are right no matter what you tell them, And all your sources are simply “Biased”. So instead of arguing with them, Direct them to the proper information, Or post a meme to counter their meme, And move the fuck on. Perhaps they will read the book you tell them to read, perhaps they wont.

It should be noted that part of the success Iron March has had is simply telling everyone “Read Siege by James Mason or GTFO”. This is not only excellent strategy, But completely valid. People have no business trying to argue something they do not understand, and we as a culture take for granted the loudest voice in the room 5 second soundbite culture;

I think its perfectly valid that if you haven’t read a book on the subject that your talking about, That your opinion on said subject, To put it bluntly, Just doesn’t fucking matter. IF a liberal reads the book on the subject he wishes to debate you on, Or claims to have actually read it and can prove it, THEN maybe you can engage in that giant debate/flame war he so desperately wants where you DESTROY him. But chances are after reading whatever literature you give him, He will understand the reasoning behind your worldviews, And move on to a easier target- Because these liberals want to feel good and feel like they have an argument when they have no argument- Because they don’t really need one, Don’t want one, So don’t give them one.

Beautiful young ladies = Weapons grade uranium.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must never perish from the earth.” – David Lane

Women are a complicated subject, On the one hand, In this modern age, They are annoying and short sighted, A major contributor to the destruction of our people, And absolutely love a world where everything is considered equal, Because they realize deep down in their hearts that they are not as physically strong as men, And posses less discipline, On average, then men. Science has claimed women have a high pain tolerance, but we know through science that there are many different types of pain, But we know through personal experience that men have worked day in day out with tooth aches while women with the same tooth aches will take off work. We are bombarded with propaganda that “Women are strong”.

Women are strong, But not in the ways our propagandists would have us believe. Women have been taught that they are strong in ways that are incorrect, They have been taught that their success should be measured in a masculine paradigm, which is incredibly ironic, How can a so-called feminist measure the success of a woman based off measurements that are made to measure the manner of men? If I say “That is a superior woman, Her cooking skills are unmatched, She has raised many children to be excellent adults, And has kept a great household, And always been loyal to her husband.” I am called a sexist.

I guess I am a sexist for understanding that we, Under ideal circumstances where chemicals are not fucking with our brains, Have biological differences, and are designed to do different things. Men are the combatants, Men are the hunters, Women are the gatherers. It has been this way since the beginning of time. The dynamic of women being “Inferior” or “Superior” is a false dichotomy. In the real adult world, Men and women develop mutually beneficial working relationships, Fall in love, Have kids, And assume their biological rules, Which is what their natural instincts tell them to do; Which thus bring them happiness.

The social engineers want to pervert this.

Women as warriors,

Hey there you little chapter jumper. Why are you only reading the interesting parts? Go back and read the whole book. (A percentage of people saw the word women and jumped to this chapter, That is the power of women, Which we will dive into in a moment)

Make no mistake, While women do not belong on the front lines of combat, Women can be employed as spies for honey trap operations (The ends justify the means), They can be political operatives, Help disseminate propaganda, Engage in DEFENSIVE combat to defend a perimeter while the men are away, They can hunt and fish, They know their way around a reloading bench, They can organize, They can prepare “bug out bags”, And prepare the equipment for the men. Not to mention their potential as medics.

Its hard to know where to draw the line, But ROF has given its female members sniper training, This, In my estimation, Is starting to push the limits as far as what we would be willing to actually allow them to do in an emergency situation- But training is just that- Training. It doesn’t hurt for them to have these skills.

Did I mention the ghillie suits ROF uses that are among the finest ghillie suits in the world per variety of materials and color keys used to make them, Are made by women? A woman made my ghillie suits (I have multiple suits for the different seasons) And I would never trust a man to make a ghillie suit for me unless I absolutely had to.

The reality is that women are dangerous. And if you allow them to be used as a weapon against us by our enemies, We will literally be doomed. Find your woman, Have babies with her, take care of her and those babies. Just follow your instincts, But weigh them with logic BEFORE you fall in love, And DO NOT hook up with someone who does not agree with your political views. Doing so is ridiculous and stupid and counterproductive for obvious reasons.

Chapter 2:

Our relationship with law enforcement/Local Authorities

Hey, Look its that asshole that flipped us the bird and called us pigs. I know for a fact he is violating statute X at this very moment, Normally I’d overlook it, But fuck this asshole.”

This is a trap I fell into when I was younger. It is all the rage in those on the fringe of society to treat cops like shit just for the sake of doing it. This is a dumb idea even for the average Joe, this is nearly paramount to suicide for the political activist living on the edge of the law who may have to defend himself from a pack of wild dindus. Police are necessary to maintain order in a society, And while we might not agree with what they do, You must understand that the feet on the street cop is a cog in a much greater machine who has absolutely no say in the matter. Sure, “He can disobey his orders and shit.” bla bla bla. He has a family to feed and hes not going to not have a paycheck anymore and risk going to jail himself over you. And I don’t blame him.

You should maintain a working relationship with law enforcement. Chances are if your reading this, The police in your area are survival/preparedness minded white people with guns on their belt everywhere they go- You should see a potential “Ally” in the police.

That being said, One doesn’t befriend a police officers from meeting him in official capacity, One befriends a police officer by meeting him off duty at the shooting range. This is for a variety of reasons regarding “officer conduct” yada yada yada. The point is, Your chance of actually bringing a police officer into the fold if you have met him outside of his official capacity increases 100%.

DO NOT act as though you can arrange illegal shit with an officer, And use common sense and judgement. If you don’t have the “Street smarts” to smell a sting from 100 yards away, Then consult someone who does. Do not throw all judgement to the wind when dealing with police, And know there is a time to even stand up to them and treat them disrespectfully- If you feel they have disrespected you first.

Maintaining a balanced relationship with local law enforcement, Esp if doing overt activism such as provocative political demonstrations and roadside flagging, Is crucial. You may have to split someones head open on the pavement and claim self defense, And if or if not the state attorney wants to prosecute it or not, You going in hand cuffs right then and there may come down to “Do we like this guy or not.” That is technically “Corruption”, But its reality.

Understand the culture within your local police department.

Know who you are dealing with. Failure to know who you are dealing with can have deadly consequences in life in general, This is all the more applicable with police. For this reason, its better to actually recruit veterans than police. (Retired police are often a good compromise as well, But cannot provide you with relevant intelligence on demand.)

It can be tempting to try to recruit law enforcement into your ranks, But the reality is, Their tribe is the tribe of the blue uniform. They have found their tribe, And their allegiance to that tribe, 9 times out of 10, Surpasses even their allegiance to their race.

Our Relationship with the state.

The state and federal government is a bureaucratic machine ran by oligarchs, Men of high finance, That pull the strings of power. Our morals are superior to theirs, And their ideals that they claim to champion are a facade to impress the masses of asses that vote for them.

As I learned the hard way in 2016, They have the “right” to steal from you, And when you try to stand up and do something about it, They have the “Right”. That snot nosed trust fund brat you want to beat the shit out of with a police baton, Who carries himself like a ganster and drives through your low income community acting tough ripping people off even though his daddy is rich? You cant touch him. Because his daddy is a politician. Hell, You cant even leave a voicemail to his father saying “use your imagination on what will happen if I don’t get my money back” and reference where he lives, Even though you have been stolen from.

Granted, Part of me knew I would be arrested, and if you don’t believe me, Here is an excerpt of the article regarding my arrest from WCTV news:

Jordan Jereb, a captain of the Republic of Florida militia — according to numerous videos the 20-year-old has posted online — was arrested on charges of threatening and trying to extort Stuart Pollins, a deputy policy coordinator in the Office of Policy and Budget.

According to court records, Jereb left Pollins three threatening voice mails and contacted him on Facebook trying to get him to repay money that he said Pollins’ son stole from him. He also suggested Pollins could pay a little extra to make the incident go away.

In the messages, Jereb described Pollins’ residence and vehicles in his driveway and told him to “use your imagination” if the money is not repaid. He mentioned Pollins’ employment with the Governor’s Office and his salary and said that if he were arrested, he would become a “martyr behind bars.”

You don’t mess with me and you don’t mess with the R.O.F.,” Jereb said in one of the voice mails.

Jereb’s online presence includes videos of his involvement with the Republic of Florida militia. He filmed Leon County Sheriff’s deputies who came to his house May 4 to question him about the threat.”


The martyr behind bars strategy didn’t really seem to work, Looking back on it. The plan kinda worked because it brought media attention to the theft of my property. Looking back on it though, I probably could have gotten media attention without getting arrested.

Bottom line is…. If you trust the system, Your nuts.


Our relationship with non whites.

Just like everyone else in this chapter, Its simply a matter of respect. I can look a black man strait in the eye when waving my flag around who asks, “What is your purpose here” and tell him I am a white seperatist, And if he is offended by me simply having a different opinion on racial issues to the point of violence, we will fight.

There is no virtue in yelling racial epithets at a black man just for the sake of doing it. Black people are going to work, Picking up groceries, and living their lives day to day just like everyone else. They are living, breathing, thinking, people that deserve respect, As do all other minorities, Even those who illegally hope fences and swim across rivers to get here.

What is important is that they know where you stand, And what is important, Is you realize the difference between a protest and a battlefield.

Now, That being said, Do not be an idiot. A lot of these minorities for all intents and purposes are animals. They really will attack you simply for having a different opinion. Its good to have metal flagpoles if flagging and to carry a firearm on you at all times. If you are in a situation where you cannot comfortably carry a firearm for fear of being caught, because you cannot “legally” carry it, Then wear tactical pants and carry a substantially large blunt object like a ball peen hammer on your person, Preferably at all times, But Esp when doing political activism. You can also stash pieces of rebard, Wooden broomsticks, Pool cues, and other debris that can be used as weapons inside the woods in the areas you frequent, So that in the event you are ever chased you can simply have them chase you into a trap. Emergency flares are a great weapon if you have time to deploy them. Tactical flashlights with the strobe feature are great at night as a SUPPLIMENT to your defensive strategy, But are not in of themselves effective weapons.




Something should be on your person 24/7 that can be used as weapon. Even if your incarcerated. I am on an ankle bracelet, But carry things on my person at all times that could conceivably be used as deadly weapons, But are not weapons, Which makes it legal for me to carry them. In prison, Having a metal lock and a sock or some other type of cordage, Can convert the metal lock into a deadly sling. Putting anything hard within a sock, From batteries to rocks, also makes an instant sling.

If you live in an urban area with lots of non whites, Dress in dark, Drab colored or camo, Militant clothing. This will not only give you a tactical/strategic advantage, This is also intimidating and will decrease the chance of a single attacker. But do know when a dindu is calling for backup, And act swiftly to ready yourself or retreat if you suspect “Backup” is being called, Or just call your own backup.

Be ready to meet force with overwhelming force, Because that is the only thing a hoodrat nigger understands. Overkill is what you want. Throw “Valor” to the wind, They don’t care about that and neither should you. Burn their face with an emergency flare after blinding them with a strobe light and hitting their face with a police baton- take no prisoners. Go online and buy cheap riot gear/body armor from online suppliers; War just brings more war. And he who is prepared for the war will win the war (You can also buy expensive riot gear/body armor too…. This book is geared toward the activist, Not necessarily the hardcore Militiaman)


How we will win.

We will win in politics the same way we win in physical battle, We will come well equipped properly for the fight, Fight by our own rules, And not let our enemy define us. From time to time, Left wingers will try to criticize ROF from a right wing perspective, Claiming “The real right wing doesn’t like you guys”, Whether or not the “Real” right wing, Likes us or not, I have something to say to these liberals:

Fuck you. You don’t get to define who we are on our behalf, We define who we are. You don’t get to judge us as if your a right wing. You are a left winger, You don’t know anybody in the right wing, Quit pretending you do.

Liberals love to claim they “Know someone” fighting for your cause whenever your activism ends up disturbing or frightening them. Usually they do this when they get the most desperate, And invoke what is called the “No true scottsman” logical fallacy, Even though they are in no position to even attempt to allege that they are knowledgeable on how we should act. That is their go to strategy, But when they claim to know someone in your cause, Shut their ass down; No they do not. And if they manage to do more than name dropping and can prove they do know someone- That someone needs to be interrogated. Liberals are not your friends, Which brings us to:

Liberals are not your fucking friends.

The feet dragger, Who is described earlier in this book and in deeper detail in this next chapter, Is is a person who is recruited off the streets who drags his feet every step of the fucking way, Because he has the desire to be considered “Normal”. These teenage pimple face angst minded weaklings who never mentally left high school, And often have the nerve to even power trip, Are friends with liberals, And can very very often go deeper into the liberal rabbit hole, And a good way to discover who these people are early on is simply seeing who their friends are, And a warning sign that they are going from feetdragger to traitor is when namedropping starts happening. There are other warning signs that your feet dragger is trying to drag you down with him that will be covered in the next chapter.

Are you worse than a liberal?

These are the personality types you will run into when recruiting for your operation that are literally worse than liberals. While some of them can be taught the error of their ways, And or be used as useful idiots, They all have the potential to be more dangerous to your cause than liberals. Note- a person can fit more than one of these categories at any given time:

Various species of feet draggers:

1. The beta male

The beta male feet dragger is low on the social totem pole and desperate to get higher, So instead of being a man and getting his respect by asserting himeslf, He does everything he can to blend in with the very people that make fun of him. He will be problematic with his activism and try to hide, Like all feet draggers. This species of feet dragger will almost certainly want to cover his face in all group photos. They will be very problematic in a more general sense because they are just brimming with pimply teenage angst. They are having an identity crisis and are desperate to be known as someone who asserts themselves, More confident people whom are our enemies will say things like “You don’t think for yourself, You take orders” To try to pry him away from the movement, Taking advantage of his weakness. Simply show him he is being deceived in this case.

2. The alpha male

A relatively rare breed of feet dragger. This guy loves sports, Loves getting drunk, and loves being the life of the party. The beta male feet dragger may truly believe that he is the alpha male feet dragger; You will know the difference, He will not. He really doesn’t give a fuck what people think about him, But will be too busy being the life of the party to give a fuck about activism. He can be problematic, But generally he will be more manageable then the beta male.

3. The Autistic Screeching feet dragger.

This one is genuinely afraid of the world and needs to feel secure, Needs proper guidance, And needs to have a work environment that suits his needs. He is good for producing weapons grade autism. All joking aside, People like this can actual be your most potent weapon if properly channeled, They do not lack motivation, They lack security. They have “No life” in the traditional sense, But can overcome the “high school” mentality, And thus have a life of meaning and happiness, And become productive within their movement. They are the least problematic of the known species of feet dragger.

Groundhog activist.

The groundhog only comes out when he sees his shadow, The groundhog day activist only gets active with your group when it is at its peak, Because he wants to be on the winning team. His allegiance is to whomever is winning, Which is great for him, But not so great with the team hes with. His “Winning team” Logic may very well lead him to become a snitch, Because the government can be viewed as a “winning team.” Groups with high numbers of these individuals will fluctuate in numbers, Because the groundhogs are too stupid to realize they are part of the problem. Their confidence comes from numbers, Yet every time they crawl back into their whole, They have removed numbers from the group.

The 18 year old idealist.

The guy who just became old enough to join an organization, Still lives with his mom, Has never done shit with his life, Adult brain just showed up, And yet knows fucking everything. If you would just listen to his original ideas then utopia would be around the corner. He knows everyhing and has so much fucking life experience to back it up. Not the 18 year old idealist doesn’t have to be 18, He can be any age so long as he is a basement dweller and never done shit.

The ninja.

He was in seal team 23, A top secret seal team that you never heard of, And was stationed in a suburbanite lunar base. All joking aside, People with childlike fantasies that are young are generally attracted to our organizations, Esp ROF. Similarly to the 18 year old idealist, They have all these great fucking ideas, The difference is they use their tall tales to “Qualify” themselves to be in a leadership position. But they cannot show their DD214 form, Because that is top secret. Oh, and they live in their mommies spare room for “Security reasons”.

The Radical Radical

This is the person that is flat out radical, And mentally disturbed. He will join whatever “terrorist” group is closest to him. Either it be ROF, An Aryan Prison Gang, ISIS, Or an Anarchist group. This persons allegiance is to “Fuck the system!! RADICAL DUDEEE!”, and consequently is very very dangerous to the internal security of your group. Beware of the radical who is radical just for the sake of being radical.

The cucked husband/wife

This persons thoughts do not matter, Because their significant other does the thinking for them. What they believe in, How they act, Their own free will, Is completely determined by their girlfriend/significant other.

The cucked niece

Uncle Shlomo Sheckelstien says ROF is a bad group, He called my ma an Pa and they said I cannot talk to you guys anymore. Doesn’t matter that I am an adult who should make decisions for myself. I’m out. I’m no longer a part of your organization.

The Coward

Some people really are just afraid of everything and everyone. Almost every category listed here is cowardly to an extent, But it deserved its own category. Because some people are real activists in their hearts, But just unable to tame their fear for whatever reason. Best thing to do is give them some gunshot therapy and give them positive stimulus to them standing up for themselves. Work with them.

The knight in shining white armor

Your 2 seperate teams accidentally left 2 leaflets in the same driveway, Which is disrespectful to the homeowner. This is the end of the world, There is no turning back. This needs to be addressed at the next meeting as a major point, If this horrendous behavior continues, Hes out.

Gangland fanatic.

The guy has watched to much TV, and refers to himself as a “Neo Nazi White Supremacist” Doesn’t know the 14 Words yet claims to be well versed in our movement and what its about- Which he is- From the enemies perspective. This same person may have a change of heart and leave the movement saying “It was all about hate, Y’know” even though he never read any actual WN/Fascist literature.

Organizational cancer cell:

Normal recruit behaves at first

Becomes problematic

makes excuses

wants authority/his way

Remains part of the problem yet complains about it

Quits the organization/Gets kicked out

Exposes the organizations secrets, Tells the world about how bad the organization was, Even though he was everything wrong with the organization, Which is why couldn’t stay in the organization.

Jereb’s list of strategies.

Truth be told, These are not really my strategies per-se. But they are nonetheless the strategies I have used.

1. Leafleting in driveways.

2. Posting recruitment flyers with website online on local news items

3. Roadside flying, Esp with organizational symbolism, Banners, Flags/etc

4. Leafletting cars,

5. Lamenating posters, And putting them up in areas up high of telephone poles using a latter so that people cannot simply rip them down.

6. Walking up to people and asking them if they would like to learn about your cause, whilst holding the leaflets in your hand ready to hand them out.

7. Shock and awe raids, Popularized by Atomwaffen, To get media attention.

8. Post in online forums to raise awareness of your organization.

9. Work with likeminded organizations, Dual membership with them.

10. Make small, Manageable teams of people with specific tasks.

11. Go out to eat, Have fun with it.

12. Women should recruit women.

13. Avoid people who are cancer unless they are useful idiots, Think of them like frag grenades, they are destructive and destroy everything around them.

14. Find old timer nationalists and show them the “new movement”, And put them in a position of leadership, Or at least where they can be useful.

15. Recruit fresh out of prison folks, As long as they are not cancer… Which is easier said than done but rewarding.

16. Women can recruit men faster than men can recruit women. Have women recruit men.

17. Use women as spies. To gather information.

18. Find out who you can trust, Who really isn’t just some cuck, Make sure they always wear a mask, And make sure they get into a high position within society.

19. Make sure you have a stream of accurate information. This is worth even paying money for so long as you can guarantee the information accuracy. Without accurate intel, You wont know who/What you are dealing with at any given time.

20. Devote spare time to planning for what if scenarios that are somewhat likely to happen, Do not get caught with your pants down, Esp if you are a known activist and not flying under the radar.

21. Understand security by obscurity. Hide things in plain sight.

22. Do not let your imagination get the best of you, If your not that big of a deal, Use that to your advantage. Even the most hated men in the world can travel incognito.

23. Plant survival caches in the woods using ammo cans and other metal/polycarbonate air tight containers

24. Use hotel rooms as “Forward operating bases” when your working in certain areas. When you have a large pre-planned campaign its great to have a place to stay when you are far from home, Even if its just across town. This will allow you to jump right back into the action. DO NOT leaflet the parking lot at the hotel you are staying at, And do not shit directly where you lay your head. The only exception is when you are about to pick up and move somewhere else.

25. Proper planning , Saving money before an operation, Means the whole world. Going on “tours”, Just like the combat vets, Is a great way to look at it. Target a location for activism, Plan, Save up the money/resources for the operation. Then execute your plans.

Final Words

If you take one thing from this book, Its this: Think big and plan ahead. Save up a thousand bucks and do a grand political stunt, Or something of that caliber. Do something people will remember. Trigger the snowflakes more than they have ever been triggered. Flood the area with leaflets, The more they bitch and moan, The more they try to stop you, The better you are doing.

You will know you are successful when your online pages receive page after page of hate mail, Because that means you are forcing a debate that prior to your activism, Was not taking place.

I’m glad you guys read my book all the way to the end. Stay safe out there. Remember that a consistent message is crucial for propaganda, And that the propaganda should appeal to peoples self interest. Everyone from Alinksky to Dale Carnegie, Robert Greene (Who wrote the 48 laws of power) , And then our own leaders, Such as David Lane, have understood this.

Good luck, Hail the new dawn.


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